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School Clubs

During the year we offer a range of after school clubs to the children on a rolling programme. They get the opportunity to develop or try out new skills within different groups.  The school provides a very good range of after school clubs, attracting a large number of boys and girls. Frequent opportunities to work in teams help to develop pupils' self-confidence, which prepares them well for the future.  Clubs cost £2 per child per session (lunchtime clubs are free.)


Before school, Madame Raymond and Miss Dixon welcome the children to Breakfast Club which provides an excellent start to the school day for the children and for parents.

Teachers, teaching assistants, parents and specialists provide their expertise so that the children can benefit.



Terms 5 & 6 Clubs

(All clubs finish at 4.30 pm).  Please pick up your children promptly from these sessions.


Monday       - Games/IT Club  - Miss Dixon

- Drawing Club - Mrs Cousins/Mrs Salisbury

- Forest School - Mrs Lock

Tuesday      - IT/Study Club - Miss Willis

- Cookery Club  - Miss Dixon

- Greenacre Sports (invite only)

Wednesday - Movie Club - Miss Dixon

-  Choir (lunchtime) - Mr Bailey 

Thursday    - Games Club - Mrs Harding/Mrs Galea-Baker

- Cookery - Miss Dixon

- Music Club (lunchtime) - Mr Bailey

- Board Games (Years 1,2,3) - Mrs Bell

- Drama Club (Years 4,5,6) - Miss Biggs

Friday          - Football Club - Mr Young

                     - SMATT TV News  (lunchtime,  invite only) - Mr Young

- Arts/Crafts Club - Miss Dixon  



Please note that letters are sent out to parents at the start of the term (following a two week holiday) to reallocate places to students.  All of our clubs have limited numbers.