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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Name Leader Area of Responsibility    
Ms L Jobling Acting Headteacher Headteacher    
Mrs T Bell Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher/DSL    
Senior Leadership Team: Ms L Jobling Acting Headteacher    
  Mrs T Bell Deputy Headteacher/Upper School Leader    
  Miss K Willis Foundation Stage Leader/Lower School Leader    
  Mrs J Cousins SEND Co-ordinator/EAL    
  Mrs L Townsend Home School Support Worker/Deputy Safeguarding Officer    
Teacher Class Area of Responsibility    
Ms Jobling Acting Headteacher      
Mrs Bell Deputy Headteacher Maths    
Mr Young Year 6 Computing    

Miss Biggs

Year 5



Mrs Harding & Mrs Callaghan Year 4 PE & RE    
Mrs Bell Year 3      

Miss Willis

Year 2



Mrs Lock/Mrs Romagunolo Year 1      
Mrs Salisbury FS2      
Mrs Romagunolo 


Modern Foreign Languages    
Mrs Cousins FS1 SEN    

Mr Bailey

Music Music    
Teaching Assistants Class      

Mrs S Turner

Mrs T Harris

Mrs K Fitgerald

Year 6      

Mrs H Storey

Year 5      
  Year 4      

Lisa Maher

Year 3      

Mr T Barrance

Year 2      
Mrs L Blackmore Year 1      
Mrs J Grimsdale Rainbows      
Miss R Magro Rainbows      
Miss D Ambrose Rainbows      
Mrs T Harris SEN/Year 6      
Mrs B Sheikh EAL/Rainbows      
Madame A Raymond French      
Mrs L Bulcraig Interventions 1:1    
Mrs J Cousins SEND Co-ordinator/EAL      
Mrs L Townsend Home School Support Worker/Attendance Lead/SLT      
Mrs S Burden Office Manager      
Mrs J Bull Administration/Finance/Attendance Officer      
Mrs J Odom Administration Officer/Librarian      
Mr P Lovell Site Manager      
Midday Meals Supervisors        
Madame A Raymond        
Mrs G Kaur        
Mrs Xie (Molly) Yue Hui        

Miss L Dicks

Mrs Hood        
Miss Harfleet        
Breakfast Club Supervisors        
Madam A Raymond        
Mr T Barrance        
Miss L Dicks        
Surestart Centre Staff        
Mrs K Harper Children's Centre Cluster Manager (Rochester)      
Mrs J Johnson

Early Help Worker

Mrs J Takher

Community Outreach Officer


Mrs T Moore Administration Assistant