St Margaret's at Troy Town CE Primary School


Earth Day

Earth Day is an event which takes place every year on the 22nd April.

1970 was the first year Earth Day was held and since then, people have shown their support for the environment by becoming involved.

On this day, awareness of climate change is raised and people are encouraged to protect our planet by attending events.

Below are some activities that you may like to complete to celebrate Earth Day.  Please make sure that you email in anything that you do, so that it can be shared and celebrated.

The Eco-Warriors

Meet our Eco-Warriors:

Year 1: Scarlett, Rayhaan and Jake 

Year 2: Elliott and Joel

Year 3: Fleur, Rosie and Sam

Year 4: Matilda, Tanisha and Arthur

Year 5: Emily, Lois and Noah

Year 6: Rachael and Max


We are the Eco-Warriors of SMATT and we want to help our environment to make the world a better place.

We hope to help improve our local area especially cleaning up the litter that we see in and outside our school.

We would like to encourage other people to start to pick up litter as well.

We plan to raise money to help charities that are important to society and the world.

Raising Money

The Eco-Warriors decided to run a stall at the Christmas Fayre to raise money for Eco equipment such as litter pickers and funds for future Eco projects taking place throughout the school year.

In keeping with our efforts to promote the three Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle the Ec0-Warriors asked for help from SMATT families and friends by donating any teddies, toys, board games and books that were no longer wanted, but still in good condition for them to sell.

They organised the donations, set the prices and even worked behind the stall at the Fayre.

They raised an amazing £134.50 and have already brought some litter pickers and litter picking equipment!

This also go towards our Eco-Award as the Eco-Warriors fulfilled Eco-Schools Step 5: Informing and involving. 


Litter picking

The Eco-Warriors decided that it was time to tackle litter in and around our school!

They used some of the he money they raised at the Christmas Fayre to but equipment and have set up a timetable for litter picking around our school (see timetable on our noticeboard).

They were shocked by the amount of plastic that they were finding hidden in our shrubbery and had discussions around how the litter came to be there as they said 'we don't see people dropping rubbish in our school!'  

A lot of the litter found was by the fences on our school perimeter, so we decided that a lot of it is being blown in from outside our school grounds. 

The Eco-Warriors have decided that once they are happy with our school grounds, then they would like to litter pick around our school and our local area.



Australian Bushfires Fundraising Day

The Eco-Warriors were very upset by the news of the devastation that was being caused by the Australian Bushfires and how this was affecting koalas in particular.  So they asked if they could organise a fundraising day to raise awareness of the huge amounts of environmental damage caused by the Australian Bushfires.

They set themselves the target of raising £125 which would mean that we could become a Koala Protector School from the WWF and could give ifaw £100 to go towards the cost of deploying Bear, the Koala sniffer dog and his handler for a day's search efforts to rescue koalas.

To achieve this target they organised a colouring competition, TAG day, cake sale and afternoon tea for families and friends. They also led worship in the morning for the school and repeated the service for friends and families who attended the afternoon tea. Not only did they help raise awareness of this important issue and the affects that climate change is having on our world, but they raised over £500 for their charities.

This also go towards our Eco-Award as the Eco-Warriors fulfilled Eco-Schools Step 5: Informing and involving.