St Margaret's at Troy Town CE Primary School

Christian Distinctiveness

At St Margaret's at Troy Town we ensure that our school Vision and Values are the heartbeat of everything we do. 

 ‘Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16



 Our vision is taken from The Sermon on the Mount:



 Working Within the Community

 This term, our school community have chosen, by voting, to support 'Holding On, Letting Go'; a local charity who support children and their families who have experienced bereavement. We will be hosting a 'Vision tea party' and all of the proceeds will go to our chosen charity as one of our good deeds.

Holding On, Letting Go                                                           


Our Local Church



We have a very close connection to our local Parish churches St Margaret's Church and St Peter's Church. 

Rev’d Dr Joel Love is the Vicar of St Peter's with St Margaret's. He and the rest of his team are highly supportive of all that we do here at St. Margaret's at Troy Town.  They lead collective worship in school on a weekly basis and the Rev'd Joel Love is on our Local Governing Body. 

As part of the liturgical calendar, the school including parents and the church, join together for services at St Margaret's and St Peter's Churches during Christmas and Easter.

As part of our religious education children visit the churches to learn about our Christian practices and forms of worship.

Rev'd Joel also inform the Parochial Church Council who always asks for news of the school at their PCC meetings, and they regularly pray for the whole school community. 

Some children from SMATT attend regular worship at both St Peter's and St Margaret's, and in many cases were also baptised in our Churches.

Please visit the Parish website for more information:

We also work very closely with Rochester Baptist Church and Pastor Luciano Pelosi, who has been welcomed into our school celebrations and services. 

There are many activities within Rochester Baptist Church throughout the year that anyone can attend. These can all be found on their website using the link below. 

Please visit the Parish website for more information:

Spiritual Development

 'Wow, Now and Ow' Moments! 

To make conversations about spirituality more accessible to every member of our school community, St Margaret’s at Troy Town has chosen to help children understand these moments by considering them under the term' 'Wow, Now and Ow moments'. 

  • 'Wow moments' refer to planned opportunities for our children to flourish, for example in planned, memorable opportunities linked to curriculum learning. 
  • 'Now moments' refer to the opportunities we have to flourish that happen in a more unexpected or unpredictable way, for example random acts of kindness or good deeds. 
  • 'Ow moments' are spiritual moments which are as important but sometimes trickier to discuss; moments which may be considered tricky or painful, for example where our children have experienced bereavement and have been supported by their teachers and peers.

Term 4

We had a wonderful and busy term filled with so many 'Wow' and 'Now' moments. Here are some of our highlights:


  • Wow - We enjoyed a visit to our link Church for our Easter service.
  • Now - We showed friendship and helped one another to balance during our PE sessions without any requests from our teacher Miss Baker.

Red Class

  • Wow - We enjoyed a visit from the Space Dome to learn all about our Space topic. 
  • Now - One person in our class shared some fantastic homework where they had gone above and beyond, making space figures out of clay.

Orange Class

  • Wow - We enjoyed tasting new foods from all around the United Kingdom, foods we had never tried before!
  • Now - After learning about bugs in a previous term, we decided to make homes for the bugs on our playground - a wonderful good deed for the insects in our school environment. 

Yellow Class

  • Wow - As part of our topic, we got to make (and eat) our very own pizzas.
  • Now - In a wonderful show of compassion, we decided to create our very own graveyard for a worm where we wrote letters and prayers. 

Green Class

  • Wow - Our class teacher Miss Magner was amazed by the homework we produced this term where we went above and beyond to let our lights shine, we produced rivers using Lego and some amazing character illustrations. 
  • Now - During World Book Day, we were given the opportunity to read with children both younger and older than us - We showed respect and friendship when doing so. 

Blue Class

  • Wow - We were lucky enough to have a Science workshop where we got to experience static electricity and we got to use our bodies to conduct electricity!
  • Now - We learnt a song all about the planets and blew our teachers away with how well we could learn and perform it!

Purple Class

  • Wow - We enjoyed Maths Day where we were able to support children from other classes to explore mathematical concepts in a fun way!
  • Now - Some children in our class decided to set up a kindness wall on the playground where we shared positive messages for the rest of our school community.