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At St Margaret's at Troy Town we ensure that our school Vision and Values are the heartbeat of everything we do. 

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Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today every child made a rainbow in their class to bring home.  We realise that due to the spread of Coronavirus we are all experiencing a difficult time and that the children may be isolated from their friends and peers which can cause anxiety and a sense of isolation and sadness.

We ask the children to look at their rainbow and remind themselves of how special their class is to our school.

How our school is not the same without their class here and how their class is not the same without them here.

Remind them that the rainbow is a special symbol to us because each colour, class and child is unique and individual, but together we make our amazing school community.

Remind them that this time of difficulty will pass and that we will be back together once more in the future.

So we ask you to help the children display their rainbow that they made today in a window for others to see as a symbol of hope for the future.

Remember that after the storm there will always be something good and our hope for the future is that we will be quickly reunited together when it is safe for us to do so.

Just like God sent Noah the rainbow as a sign of hope, we will be reminded of hope and new beginnings every time we see our rainbow.

Take a photo of your rainbow and email it to the school office at and we’ll create a display on our school website.  If you’re out and about and spot someone else’s rainbow then take a photo and send that in as well.

Let’s spread the message of hope!

Take care and God bless.

Ms L Jobling and all the team at SMATT


Parent Questionnaire Feedback

At our recent Parents' Evenings at the end of Term 3 we asked parents to share their thoughts and responses to several questions in order to help us judge in which ways we are distinctive and effective as a Church School. 

We are very happy to share with you some of the comments that we received.

Parent Questionnaire