St Margaret's at Troy Town CE Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school

Name  Leader Area of Responsiblity
Ms L. Jobling Head Teacher Head Teacher
Miss K. Willis Deputy Head Teacher Deputy Headteacher / Deputy Safe
Guarding Lead
Senior Leadership Team: Ms L. Jobling Head Teacher
Miss K. Willis Assistant Headteacher
Miss K. Willis SEND Co-ordinator
Early Years
Miss B. Howland Foundation Stage Leader
Home School Support
Mrs L. Townsend Worker/ Safeguarding
Worker/ Safeguarding Officer
Teachers Class / Area
Ms A. Haddaway Year 6 - Purple Class
Miss J. Biggs Year 5 - Blue Class
Miss K. Pirot Year 4 - Green Class
Mr J. Hartridge Year 3 - Yellow Class
Mrs C. Callaghan and Mrs R. Harding Year 2 - Orange Class
Miss D. Baker Year 1 - Red Class
Miss B. Howland FS2 - Rainbows
Mrs R. Lock FS1 - Sunbeams
Mrs J. Romagnuolo Support teacher
Mr P. Bailey Music
Madame A. Raymond French
Teaching Assistants  Class
Mrs K. Saker Year 6 - Purple Class
Mr C. Patterson Year 6 - Purple Class
Mrs P. Boyle Year 5 - Blue Class
Mrs L. Maher Year 4 - Green Class
Mrs D. Matthews Year 3 - Yellow Class
Mrs B. Sheikh Year 2 - Orange Class
Mrs L. Blackmore Year 1 - Red Class
Mrs S. Hughes Year 1 - Red Class
Mrs H. Storey FS2 - Rainbows
Miss R. Martin FS2 - Rainbows
Mrs D. Ambrose / Miss R. Magro FS1 - Sunbeams
Office and Site
Mrs S. Burden Office Manager
Mrs J. Odom Administration Officer & Librarian
TBC Site Manager
Midday Meals Supervisors
Madame A. Raymond
Mrs G. Kaur