Christian Distinctiveness

Leading Lights

The Leading Lights are a group of Year 6 children who are ambassadors for our school through their contribution to Collective Worship and support of our Christian vision and values.

The children take part in the school’s collective worship in a practical leadership role.


Leading Lights aims to give children increased ownership, to give them more informed choice in the elements of worship, as well as developing their confidence in being leaders during the act of worship itself and developing their own knowledge and skill set.​

This includes:

  • ​Lighting the candle
  • Giving the greeting
  • Announcing the song
  • Writing and leading the prayers and reflections
  • Bible readings
  • Planning and offering drama
  • Write and deliver (with adult support) acts of worship about charities and events e.g. Christian Aid Week
  • Designing and arranging the physical focus
  • Sending out or leading the blessing

Being a Leading Light is a privilege, but also a responsibility.


Our Leading Lights are good role models in all aspects of school life as well as Collective Worship.