Worship brings us all together as a community, so it very special to us all at SMATT. As we can't do this at school, we thought it would be good to continue with our worship in a different way. 

Below is a worship song performed Cornerstone City Church, you will spot some members of the Day family who took part in making this.

This week our theme for worship is love.  We will be thinking about different types of love we can have and how we show love to others.  Below is a song on the theme and the story of the paralysed man which we will be looking at this week.

This week in school we will be thinking about humility.  Join with the children in school to find out what this means by watching Faith at Home:  


In school our theme has been courage.  Have a look on Faith at Home and look at courage:  https://classroom.thenational.academy/activity-clubs/faith-at-home/episodes/courage-primary and listen to Joel's message below.


This week our theme in school has been hope.  We have looked at where Jesus talks about how a small seed can grow into great things.  We all know a song about that...

I'm not sure if any of you saw the UK blessing featuring adults, but below is the children's version featuring children from different nations.

Today, Wednesday 20th May Revd Joel visited our keyworker children and delivered a worship bringing light to the importance of raising awareness for mental health and the importance of kindness and looking out for each other.  Looking after ourselves has never been more important than right now.  Please take a moment to join with us and reflect on this important message. 

Last Wednesday 13th May Revd Joel visited school and spent some time chatting with our keyworker children and delivered a short act of worship.  Please watch the video below to join with us in a moment of prayer.

"Looking To The Rainbow was written to remind the school community that although we are separated at the moment, pupils, teachers and parents are still united as one school family. The rainbow has become a symbol of hope and joy during this difficult time and we want the children to remember every time they see rainbows in windows, or paint their own rainbow, that there is hope of a new day coming!"

Use the following link to access two books that will help you continue to worship at home. Meet William and Lucy who are part of the Leading Lights group in their school.  The first book talks about the different parts of worship and has links to some songs. The second one has some great Bible stories for you to share as a family. We hope you enjoy these books!


Here is a YouTube video by Fischy music.  If you enjoy music and action songs this one is for you. 

Below that are a couple of other songs you may remember and enjoy joining in with.

At the moment you can still go to the Spring Harvest YouTube channel where you can join The Big Start for music and Bible stories following themes from the Bible book of Acts.  You can also find other children's resources, including a booklet you can download.

Below is the first session, including the theme song 'Glow'.

Nathan Ward, Vicar at St Margaret's Church in Rainham is posting daily collective worship for children.

These are available on their church website and you will need a password to enter the page - this is part of the copyright conditions. 

Each video will be posted online by 9am each day. 

Password: assembly





Have you put your rainbow in your window?  Have you seen other rainbows when you have been out for exercise? 

These rainbows are a symbol of friendship and hope for the future.

Remember that after the storm there will always be something good and our hope for the future is that we will be quickly reunited together when it is safe for us to do so.

Just like God sent Noah the rainbow, we will be reminded of hope and new beginnings every time we see a rainbow.


You could watch the Noah video and song below: 

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