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Religious Education

RE has a high profile within our school curriculum and is comparable with other core curriculum areas.


We use the Medway Agreed Syllabus to plan our teaching and coverage of RE and we use Understanding Christianity resources for our planning and teaching of Christianity.  Children develop their own thinking and their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it.  Children explore the significant theological concepts within Christianity as part of developing their wider religious, theological and cultural literacy.  This includes ‘big’ or ultimate questions. 


In addition, we  learn about other religions and world views.  We want to prepare our children for the diverse landscape of modern Britain; welcoming those of all faiths or none with respect.  Beliefs about the existence, nature and activity of God are central to many religious traditions, especially Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They form the foundation beliefs of a number of faiths and result in particular kinds of response, such as prayer, worship and ethical conduct, which is believed to be in line with the will of God. 



In Years 1&2, children will encounter Christianity and Judaism and faith stories from Islam and Hinduism.  In Years 3-6, children will also encounter Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam. See our RE curriculum overview for more details.


An important aim of RE is that children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and make their own decisions about what they believe. The aim of RE is to help children understand that religion still influences and sustains many people in the world today, and to consider the wisdom of faith traditions, and reflect on what they might take from it.


We believe that the values underpinning our religious education will enable the children to become confident, reflective, spiritual and morally aware people who can play a role in shaping modern Britain.


Our whole school Big Frieze Display

Yellow Class (Year 3) learning about Sikhism in Term 3