Key Stage One (KS1) Geography - Home Learning

Geography is all around us and is an important subject for your child to learn about. Scroll down for activities to do at home and exciting links to get your child engaged with the world around them.

Here’s how you can help your Key Stage 1 child embrace the subject at home.

  • Provide your child with a map, atlas or globe and encourage them to use this to find out more about places and environments. Which countries are hot or cold? Can your child identify where different people come from, perhaps children in his or her class?
  • Read stories that include different geographical locations and ideas. Ideas include The Jungle Book (tropical rainforest) and Aladdin (desert).
  • Find the geography in your home. Where in the world did your furniture, ornaments or kitchenware come from? What materials were used? How far did they travel? Are there any environmental issues?
  • Is there geography in your family tree?
  • Where did the vegetables you’re eating come from?
  • Develop a geographical scrapbook. Take a walk in your local area and collect anything that represents or reflects the locality – people, plants, buildings, landmarks and so forth. Create a map.
  • Use postcards, posters and pictures to discuss other places. Think about where the image was taken. Are there any people in the image? What might their lives be like? What are they doing? What might they be saying? What objects are in the image and what are they for? What is the environment like?

Here are a range of website links to get your child's geography brains going!

Watch videos about the continents of the world, play games and travel with Barnaby Bear. Through Barnaby’s videos, he will take you over the world to teach you everything there is geography!

Explore the world around you with Twinkl’s KS1 (Key Stage 1) Geography resources. Covering all aspects of the Geography curriculum, these worksheets, PowerPoints and games are perfect for exciting lessons on the world, weather, transport, towns and cities and more. All the resources are currently free!

Test your knowledge or your favourite geographical theme by taking a quiz!

An engaging website with many articles, games and ideas for the children to do.

A range of activities and games (some of which are tablet friendly).

Go Jetters

We all love playing games – by using and watching  Go Jetters, children will have fun encountering the different places, landmarks and people, and they’ll be developing new geographical vocabulary and knowledge without even realising it.

The graphics of the game show the Earth spinning in space, with the shapes of land masses, oceans, rivers, deserts and mountains coming into view as the Go Jetters zoom in on each location – things like this help children to better imagine what our Earth looks like, and what kind of features it has.

Also, the Go Jetters always try to look after the planet, and this is a very positive message for young children.

What will children learn from Go Jetters?

Children will have a better understanding of what the Earth is like, and be able to name some places and features after just a few games! They’ll also pick up facts about the different landmarks they ‘travel’ to. The game also introduces different people and places around the world in positive ways, encouraging children to talk about and feel comfortable with the idea of ‘difference’ – this in turn helps them to develop tolerance, as well as to feel more confident about their own sense of who they are and where they ‘belong’.