Key Stage Two (KS2) - Geography HOME LEARNING

Geography is all around us and is an important subject for your child to learn about. Scroll down for activities to do at home and exciting links to get your child engaged with the world around them.

Here’s how you can help your Key Stage 2 child embrace the subject at home.

  • Expose your child to as wide a range of places and cultures as you can. Remember, you can do this through pictures, films and exhibitions.
  • Provide your child with a map, atlas or globe and encourage them to use them to find out more about places and environments. Which countries have hot or cold climates? Can your child identify where different people come from, perhaps children in their class?
  • Find the geography in your home. Where in the world did your furniture, ornaments or kitchenware come from?
  • Discover where the fruits and vegetables in your supermarket originate from. Ask why certain foods cannot naturally grow in the UK’s climate. How might farming modify this?
  • Choose five local geographical topics and find out more about them. Ideas include traffic, development, population, recycling and local history.
  • Use news, documentaries and other television programmes to raise and discuss issues such as poverty, global warming and migration. What are the conflicting viewpoints? Can you see the issues from each viewpoint? 

Here are a range of website links to get your child's geography brains going!

A fantastic website where children can learn by topic or by country – gives you tons of information in a child-friendly way with videos.

Browse Twinkl’s range of KS2 Geography resource. With a wide range of resources on topics from Geographical features to maps & plans, mountains & volcanoes, weather & seasons and other KS2 Geography topics, they have all the resources to help support your child’s understanding of geography. Such resources include interactive PowerPoints, worksheets, and other resources will help create effective and engaging KS2 Geography lessons that kids will love.

A fantastic website where children learn under the main themes of: geography skills, people and places, the natural world, human geography and sustainability. Contains lots of information, videos and a quiz or game to finish off the topic.

A range of activities and games (some of which are tablet friendly).

Geography doesn't mean studying maps and memorising capitals! From making a treasure hunt to keeping a sensory journal, get ideas for how to have fun with geography in your daily life.

Once you have learnt all this new information, test your knowledge or your favourite geographical topic by taking a quiz!