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Everday Object Art

This activity gets the children thinking creatively by using everyday objects that they find at home or in the garden (if you have one) and then asking them to use their imagination to turn the object into something else.

Ask your child to find a small object from around the house or even the garden and then...

• Place the object on the page and see what you think of!
• You can draw in pencil or pen.
• You can draw from your imagination or you can look on the internet or in a book to see what something looks like.
• Remember it may take you a few tries to get your picture the way you want it. You might even want to sketch out a few different ideas before choosing your final one!
• Next take a photo by holding your phone or camera directly overhead.
• Finally add your image to the Whole School Padlet for all to see!

We can’t wait to see how imaginative and creative you can be!

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