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Whole School Project


During our school closure we are very aware that the children will be isolated from their peers and friends for an extended period. However, we wanted to provide the children with a shared experience to help them reconnect on their return to school. As such we are setting a whole school homework project to be completed while our school is closed.


Please record the stages of your project, you may want to do this in your home learning exercise book provided or through a PowerPoint or poster or even photographs … your choice!


Please bring your project to school with you when we are open once again. 


All projects will be shared with the school and a new school display will be made capturing all of your hard work and fantastic ideas.


There will even be prizes for the most imaginative and creative ideas, so get thinking and planning!


We would love to see what you are planning and completing while away, so please scan in or email any photographs of your work to the school office at: office@smatt.medway.sch.uk


To contribute to our Whole School Padlet canvas below please click on the add symbol in the bottom right hand corner and upload a photo or caption or both and see what everyone else has been doing!

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