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Welcome to the Sunbeam's Class Page!

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Florence S misses singing the Bumble Bee song with her friends, so here it is for you all to sing along to! 

Happy half term everyone! Here is a silly story for you to enjoy.

Happy Easter from all of the Sunbeam team

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Click on the image above to find Term 5 Home Learning

 Thank you to Cora, Royce, Florence and Jobe for sending us a photo of your rainbows.

They must brighten so many people's day as they walk past your window.

(Please do email the school office with your rainbow pictures. If you weren't in school, why don't you draw or paint your own rainbow and put it up on your window to make people smile.)

And 2 more beautiful rainbows to add to our collection. Thank you Aman and Arisha, they are amazing!

Thanks for yours too, Florence S. You must have worked so hard; it looks beautiful!

Tadpole Watch

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Tadpole update!

Look how big our tadpoles are now! I've given them some fish food to eat and you can see them having a munch. I am going into my garden now to find a big rock to put in the tank so that when they are ready, they will have somewhere above the water to rest.


Bubble challenge

Here are some more ideas for home made bubble fun.

Whole School Easter Challenge!

It's now the Easter holiday and we have a whole school Easter Challenge for you. Over the holiday we would like you to learn 5 new skills. These skills could be anything from baking a cake, doing some gardening, making your bed or learning to tie your shoelaces. Anything goes! Please send photos of your challenges to We look forward to seeing what you get up to. Happy holiday!

Joby has been taking such good care of his bean and now it is starting to grow!

Well done, Joby; keep us updated.

I wonder how much taller it will be next time we see it?

This website has numerous books for you to listen to or read along with. 

Thank you for sending in these lovely photos, Florence!

Your cat picture is fantastic and I particularly love the whiskers! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

Cora, I love your monkey picture! Thank you for sending it in.
Cora, I love your monkey picture! Thank you for sending it in.

I love this story! Please listen to it and then draw a picture of the cat that you see.

You can be as imaginative as you like.

Here is the letter we sent out on the last day of school. You are welcome to come to the office during school hours to collect your scrap book and your beans.

 Nursery - home learning pack school closure.docxDownload
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Have a go at this phonics challenge!

Phonics challenge

Story time - Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson

Fancy some music? Here is Oli to teach you some body percussion. It's tricky but keep practising. Follow the link below and let me know how you get on!

Religious Education Home Learning

Image result for easter pictures christian children

EYFS – Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden? 

Give the children simple images from the Easter story to take home to reorder and retell the story. 

Bean Update!

We have been looking after your beans at school and look how well they are doing! Some have grown so tall already. Don't worry is yours hasn't started to grow, some take longer than others. I'll post another update soon.

If you have your bean at home, please email a photo into the school office so we can see it and post a picture on here.

 Below is a 'Life cycle of a frog' worksheet. I would love you to have a go at putting the pictures in the correct order on the worksheets.  When you have completed it please stick it in your home learning book.

Feel free to email a photo to the school office so I can put it up on this page for your friends to see.

I'm sure the Sunbeams missed their P.E. lesson with Mr Thacker and Mr Kempster yesterday.

Well, follow the link below and you will see exercise sessions

that your child can join in with. I'll be having a go too!

We planted some beans! We have planted them in a clear cup so that we can see the roots and shoots as they grow. I wonder how long it will be before we see any changes? Each child wrote their own label so we know who each bean belongs to. We were so impressed with their writing.

Watch this video and see how much our tadpoles have changed.

You could draw a picture of them in your home learning book.

Hi Sunbeams!

Below is a link to the time lapse video we watched a couple of weeks ago.

 Why don't you tell your grown up when you

think it gets to the point that our tadpoles are at.


We have some new visitors! Last week, Mrs Lock brought some frogspawn in to Sunbeams and they have already become tadpoles.

We have learnt so much about the life cycle of a frog so we know that soon they will grow legs and their tails will start to get shorter.

Ask us about what else we know; you will be surprised!

We have been reading 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and learning about growing so we planted our own 'magic' beans. We have been talking about what we need to do to look after them. We are obviously doing something right because they are growing already! We are going to measure our beans as they grow, using our mathematical language of short, long, longer, tall etc.

In Forest School this week we looked for signs of Spring.

We found buds, new plants and heard lots of birds singing.

We even felt the warm sun!

We always enjoy our weekly library sessions and we are so independent now. We know where to choose our books from and we can turn the pages and talk about what is happening in the pictures. We also like to share a book with our friends.

It's pancake day in Sunbeams class.

We were so lucky to have Mrs Dispensari come in to help us make some pancakes.

They were delicious!

We've all been learning to sign the first letter of our name.

Some children can sign their friend's names too!

The Sunbeams always enjoy their P.E. lessons with Mr Thacker and Mr Kempster. Today they were practising their throwing and catching skills - they did so well!

The Sunbeams had a very exciting delivery today!

We are taking part in the 'Grow your own potatoes' project and, today, our seed potatoes arrived!

The Sunbeams joined in together to sing 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush' in the playground.

The Sunbeams have been finding out about Chinese New Year.  We have made a Chinese dragon, used our cutting skills to make lanterns, used our phonic skills to make Chinese drums and writing our names using the Chinese symbols. Here are some photos of our learning.

Look how well the Sunbeams did with their chopsticks!

The Sunbeams had a lovely time up at Forest School this week We lit a fire and toasted marshmallows - they were delicious!

We have been enjoying our music lessons with Mr Bailey. We have been learning to listen to a rhythm and tap it back. It's really tricky!


We have been reading Stickman this week. The children have enjoyed talking about what sticks can be used for, looking for long and short sticks at Forest School, learning the repeated phrases in the story and making our own stick people. There has been so much fantstic learning going on!


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Class Teacher: Mrs Lock

Teaching Assistants; Mrs Ambrose and Ms Magro

Sunbeams day: 8:40 - 11:40

Please send your child in with a bag of spare clothes and 

Welly Wednesday: Please make sure that your child is in old clothes and has his/her wellies at school


Welcome back! We are excited to meet our new Sunbeams starting with us in September. 

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