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Home Learning - Week 6


My Mum

Every year thousands of pupils submit their artwork through their schools for Kent Messenger to print in their KM paid-for newspapers and the My Mum supplements serve as lovely keepsakes close to Mother's Day, which this year is on Sunday, March 14.

But with classrooms closed to the majority of pupils and learning taking place at home they're asking dads, grandparents, relatives, friends and older siblings to help youngsters get pictures of their mum to them so that they can include them in these special pull-outs just as they would in any other year.

Please choose a document.

Good morning Sunbeams! Here we go for the last week of learning this term and we have more Chinese New Year activities for you to do. Have a great week! 

Assessment Week


Dear Parents/Carers,

If possible, please could you ask your child the questions below after they have listened to the story.

Don't feel you need to ask the questions in exactly the same way, I am looking to see if they have understood the story, can relate to the characters, follow a storyline etc. If you could write down their response and email it to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  1. How do you think Tiger feels at the start of the story?
  2. What does Tiger find in the snow?
  3. What do Tiger and the sledge collect on their way down the hill?
  4.  What do the animals decide to do when they get to the bottom of the hill?

Fine Motor Skills

Don't worry if you don't have access to a printer, you can draw some shapes and ask your child to go over the lines you have made. Please take a photo and send it to me if possible. Thank you.


If your child recognises any numbers from 0-10 please could you let me know. I know lots of you have been working so hard on your numbers and counting skills. Maybe you could play the number game from weeks three and four and let me know if they recognise any?

Thank you so much for you help with this.   

It just had to be a snowy story for this week!

Tiger In The Snow!

Can you have a go at writing your name using Chinese characters? Look at each shape carefully and take your time. 

Which animal are you? Each year is represented by one of twelve animals, you can look up your birth year to see which animal you are. Can you draw a picture of that animal? Click the images  below to find the 12 animas and discover which animal you are!

On Chinese New Year, children are given envelopes of money. Have you got an envolope at home you can decorate? 

You loved the Go Noodle dinosaur song. Try this one!

Go for a snowy walk and see if you can find some ice or snow. What does it feel like in your hand? Does it change as you pick it up and hold it?

Have you played Kim's Game before? Put a selection of objects on a tray. Have 30 seconds to look at them, cover them up and try to remember what was there. You could even ask someone to take something away and guess what is missing.

Follow this video to find out how to make a Chinese lantern.