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St Margaret's at Troy Town

Life in all its fullness

Good morning Sunbeams! I hope you are ready for another week of learning! I hope you have fun completing these activities. Please keep adding photos to our padlet, it makes me so happy to see what you are getting up to at home.

Our story this week is Stanley’s Stick. 

I love this story, I hope you enjoy it and have fun talking about it with your grown up. 

Are you ready to practice writing numerals 6-10? You can practise on paper, in salt or flour or just holding your finger in the air. If you would like to keep practising 0-5, that is fine, you can find that video at the bottom of this page. 

Here’s our number game again! This time we’re working on 6-10! Don’t worry if you get it wrong, keep practising. Remember you can find numbers everywhere. Where can you find numbers around the house? 


If you go for a walk this week I would like you to collect some sticks. Can you order them from the longest to the shortest? Can you think of any other way to order them? 

Can you make patterns using your sticks?! 

Why not have a go at using your stick like a pencil! Can you use your stick to make patterns in the mud, or in some sand or salt.  Concentrate on a letter from your name or make some circles.  

Here is our dough gym for this week!

Can you look at these pictures from Stanley’s Stick. Tell your grown up what is happening in each picture. Can you remember what happens next?

Here is our number game with numbers 0-5 if you want to keep practising.