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My Mum

Every year thousands of pupils submit their artwork through their schools for Kent Messenger to print in their KM paid-for newspapers and the My Mum supplements serve as lovely keepsakes close to Mother's Day, which this year is on Sunday, March 14.

But with classrooms closed to the majority of pupils and learning taking place at home they're asking dads, grandparents, relatives, friends and older siblings to help youngsters get pictures of their mum to them so that they can include them in these special pull-outs just as they would in any other year.

Here is the template you need to complete and send off. Please let me know if you don't have access to a printer; we can provide you with a template. 

Week 5 Home Learning

Good morning, Sunbeams! I hope you are ready for another week of learning. Over the next two weeks we are going to be learning about Chinese New Year. It's such an exciting festival and I hope you enjoy finding out lots about how it is celebrated. 

Watch this video to find out how these children prepare for Chinese New Year 

And here you will find out all the exciting ways Chinese New Year is celebrated. 

Time for some mighty muscle - noodles! 

Each year is named after an animal. Watch this story to discover how the order of the animals was decided upon. 

Why not make a Chinese stir fry? Using a knife that isn’t too sharp, help your grown up to chop some vegetables. Then cook some noodles. Can you eat them using chopsticks? Have a go! You could always try a chopstick in each hand! Good luck and try not to make too much mess!!!

Watch the video below to find out how to make a Chinese dragon. You don’t have to make yours the same way, if you have any recycling at home why not try making a junk model dragon. 

Can you make some cardboard tube people and then practice your cutting skills as you give them a haircut? 

Whole School Activity - Children's Mental Health Week

1st-7th February

Please watch these two videos, you might see some familiar faces! Please do post a photo to the whole school padlet; I’m looking forward to seeing them. 

If you have some paper plates at home you could make a rattle drum. Watch the video below to see how it’s done. They make a great noise! 

Sing and move along to this dragon dance song!

Time for phonics! 

's' hunt

Did you find anything? Come and see what I found!

Don’t forget to keep practising your cutting skills! These cardboard tube people are fun to make and you can give them a haircut! 

Made with Padlet

Lots of you are starting to write your name. This sheet below shows you how to form your letters correctly. You can use this sheet to remind you when writing your name or to practice alongside your phonics sounds.
Please don’t worry if your child isn’t ready to make recognisable letters yet. Praise them for having a go. They may start by making circles or squiggles to represent the letters and that Is fantastic!