"Everyday is an adventure in Red Class".

Year 1 Red Class

 Class Teacher - Miss Baker

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Blackmore and Mrs Hughes


Key Messages

  • Please remember that children should come to school with their hair tied up and should not wear earrings for PE. 
  • The children have been given home spelling books (29/10). They will be given 10 new spellings to learn every week and will be tested on them every Tuesday. Spelling books need to be in school every Tuesday so that new spellings can be added. 

  • PE is on Monday (AM) and Tuesday (PM). Please bring your child to school in their PE kit every Monday morning with their school uniform in their PE bag. Children will bring their PE kit home every Tuesday. Children will not be able to take part in PE if they are not in the correct kit. Earrings cannot be worn.   
  • Children should bring their reading record and reading book into school everyday in their clear pouch. Please ensure you write a comment in their reading record so that their reading book can be changed. Children should be reading at home every night, however they do not need to finish the book. Therefore, please write the page number you got up to if not completed. Reading records are also contact books.  
  • Homework will be sent home every Thursday and should be returned to school no later than Tuesday the following week.




  • This term (2) in DT we are learning about food technology. We will be making our own Gruffalo Crumble to go with our Julia Donaldson 'Through the Deep Dark Woods' theme. To start off our theme and to develop our food making skills, we took a trip to Pizza Express for a Pizza making workshop. We learnt lots of skills that we will put to practise when we start crumble making! 



  • This term (Term 1)  in History we have been learning about the past. One of our aims was to, 'Find out about the differences between my school days and my grandparents'. Therefore, on Thursday 10th October we had  a Grandparents Afternoon Tea Party. We got to ask our Grandparent's lots of questions about their school days and compare them with ours today. And of course we had some delicious tea and cake too! Pictures below.. 

Thank you to Nancy's Nanny for finishing off the History Tea Party with a story! 

  • We went to visit Jeremy at the Guildhall Museum on the 24th September and had a great time (even though we did get a little wet)! Jeremy showed us an enormous map of Rochester and its surroundings. We learnt that the blue parts of the map were water and the green parts were forests and farms. Jeremy showed us a farmers smock dress from 100 years ago, which was used to keep the dirt off the farmers real clothes. Then he showed us a cannonball which was found in the River Medway 350 years after the battle where it was fired called, 'Raid on the Medway'. After we had learnt lots of facts and looked at more artefacts, we walked back to school in time for lunch. Everybody agreed that they would love to go and visit Jeremy again to learn more! 


Term 3 

All groups with be carrying on with learning phase 5 sounds. We have will also start to learn 'alien words', which are words that can be decoded and blended but do not make sense. This is to prepare them for the Phonics Screening Test that will be carried out in June. More information on the Phonics Screening Test will be given at the next curriculum meeting. 

To help your child to practise reading alien words follow the links attached. Or type alien phonics words into google. 




Week ending 06.12.19

Miss Baker's group:  ie, ea, oy ,ir

Mrs Blackmore's group: ie, ea, oy ,ir

Mrs Sheikhs' group: started phase 5 - ie, ea, oy ,ir

Mrs Hughes' group: blending phase 2 sounds


Week ending 29.11.19

Miss Baker's group: started phase 5 - ay, ou 

Mrs Blackmore's group: started phase 5 - ay, ou 

Mrs Sheikhs' group: started phase 5 - ay, ou 

Mrs Hughes' group: blending phase 2 sounds


Week ending 22/11/19

As you may know phonics groups have slightly changed. Therefore, please ask your child whose phonics group they are now in.

Miss Baker's group: Have learnt all of phase 4 tricky words and will be recapping them and phase 3 sounds before moving onto phase 5 sounds. Mrs Blackmore's group and Mrs Sheikhs' group are the at the same point.

Mrs Hughes' group: Continue practising blending phase 2 sounds and will be introduced to diagraphs. 


Week ending 8/11

Miss Baker's group and Mrs Blackmore's group have now learnt all of the phase 3 sounds and tricky words and will continue to recap them every lesson.

Phase 3 tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, her, was, they,my . Both groups will be moving onto learning phase 4 words and tricky words. 

Mrs Sheikh's group: Blending phase 2 sounds. 

Mrs Hughes' group: Blending phase 2 sounds.


Week ending 11/ 10  & 18/10 

The sounds we have been learning are:

Miss Baker's group: ow, ear, oi, air. we, he, she, be, me, was 

Mrs Blackmore's group: air, ear, ure, er. we, he, she, be, me, was

Mrs Sheikh's group: Blending sounds already taught.  

Week ending 5/10/19

The sounds we have been learning are:

Miss Baker's group: or, ur & tricky words: no,to,go,the,I

Mrs Blackmore's group:  ur, or, ow, oi 

Mrs Sheikh's group: Practising blending with sounds already learnt.  

Week ending: 27/09/19

The sounds we have been learning are:

Miss Baker's group: oo (poo at the zoo) oo (look at a book), ar 

Mrs Blackmore's group:  oo (poo at the zoo) oo (look at a book), ar, ur 

Mrs Sheikh's group: ck, e , u , r , h, b, j , v , w , x, y

Week ending: 20/09/19

The sounds we have been learning are: 

Miss Baker's group: ai,ee,igh,oa

Mrs Blackmore's group: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo

Mrs Sheikh's group: g,o,c,k


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In Maths we have been busy sorting objects into groups and representing numbers! 

Theme Overview:

Curriculum Presentation:



PhonicsPlay A great website for phonics games!