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St Margaret's at Troy Town

Life in all its fullness

We are Climbing to Success in Year 3!

Class Teacher - Mr J. Hartridge                       Teaching Assistant - Mrs D. Matthews

Happy Easter from Mr Hartridge

Happy Easter from Mrs Matthews

 Click on the image below to find all the information related to Home Learning. Remote Learning with Flipgrid — Flipgrid

 Click on the image below to see what your friends have been doing at home to keep busy.

To share or not to share: that is the question | NAO blog

Click on the image below to see the lovely RAINBOWS people in your class have made.Rainbow clipart images image 4 - Cliparting.com

Term 4 - Curriculum Map

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Term 3 - Curriculum Map

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 Practising Spellings At Home.pdfDownload
 Term 1 Spellings.pdfDownload
 Term 2 Spellings.pdfDownload
 Term 3 Spellings.pdfDownload
 Term 4 Spellings.pdfDownload
 Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings.pdfDownload
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Term 2 - Curriculum Map

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Term 1 - Curriculum Map

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