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Let Your Imagination Run Wild In Green Class!

Year 4 Green Class

Welcome to Green Class 2019/20! We are so excited for all the amazing learning opportunities that we are going to share together this year.

In Green Class this year the adults will be:

Class Teacher - Miss Pirot

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Maher.


Home learning information - COVID 19

Please click the link below to access your home learning activities for Terms 5 and 6!

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Miss Pirot's motivational tip - "The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it!"

A Teacher's World

Times - they are now changing, we've been asked to stay indoors,

And although it's safer for our health it means we aren't in school anymore.

So Miss Pirot wants to tell you that she's missed you every day,

My days just haven't been the same since you all went away.

I miss your smiling faces each morning in our class,

I miss your many questions, I miss your jokes and laughs!

We hope our school can go back soon to how it used to be,

But until we return safely there's one thing you can do for me.

Please try your best in every way with the learning tasks you do,

Dedicate time to your learning, choose a challenge, choose a few!

I know that you'll be wonderful in trying all the work I've set,

You've made me so proud every day, so don't give up just yet!

And I'll hope and hope and hope some more to see you very soon,

Miss Pirot's world is just too empty, without Green Class in the room. 

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