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At St. Margaret's at Troy Town we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who love reading.

Children who read regularly or are read to regularly have the opportunity to open the doors to so many different worlds! More importantly, reading will give your child the tools to become independent life-long learners.


We can achieve this together through:

  • Letters and Sounds a program to help to your child learn to read at school.
  • Using RWI resource cards so that all children from FS onwards have a consistent mnemonic approach to help them learn and recall sounds and letter formation.
  • Encouraging children to develop a love of books by reading to them daily, at home and at school.
  • Giving children access to a wide range of books at school and at home.

In school sounds are taught following the order in Letters and Sounds, but we use the RWI Sound Cards to ensure that all children from the beginning of reception up to year 2 have a smooth and consistent phonics journey by using the same mnemonics (rhymes) to help them recall the sounds when reading and writing.

 rwi 1.pngDownload
 RWI 2.jpgDownload
 rwi set 1.pngDownload
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Useful websites for Parents

Please find a list of websites that you may find useful in helping you and your child learn about phonics.


Games and fun activity websites are also included.

https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/ - fun games to play
http://jollylearning.co.uk/ - Games and information for parents
http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/phonics/play/ - fun games for the children to play
http://www.ictgames.com/literacy.html - fun games for the children to play
http://www.kenttrustweb.org.uk/kentict/kentict_home.cfm - fun games for the children to play and information for parents
http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/ - fun games for the children to play
http://www.starfall.com/ - fun games for the children to play
http://www.firstschoolyears.com/ - fun games for the children to play

Sounds are taught in the following order Phase 2 - Phase 5 together with the RWI mnemonics (rhymes) to help children recall them easily.  

 Phase 2 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Sound Mats.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 tricky words.pdfDownload
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These words are linked to the sounds the children have been learning and are easily decodable.  You may like to use these word cards to keep practising with your child.

 Decodable and tricky words.pdfDownload
 phase 3 words.pdfDownload
 phase 4 words.pdfDownload
 phase 5.pdfDownload
 Set 1 - s a t p.pdfDownload
 Set 2 - i n m d.pdfDownload
 Set 3 - g o c k.pdfDownload
 Set 4 - ck e u r.pdfDownload
 Set 5 - h b f ff l ll ss.pdfDownload
 Two syllable words.pdfDownload
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