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St Margaret's at Troy Town

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At St. Margaret’s at Troy Town, our History Curriculum aims to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest with the past. We hope to inspire the historian inside every child through challenging, engaging and practical learning so that children will not only view history as looking back to past events, but to use their understanding and knowledge to help them understand the world today and their place in it.  

Throughout their years at SMATT, pupils will explore a variety of historical periods and develop the skills of enquiry, investigation and evaluation. They will build a sense of chronology, gain knowledge of key events from the past, ask and answer questions and develop appropriate use of historical vocabulary. Pupils consider connections, contrasts and trends over time and discover Rochester’s place in History. From the Stone Age, to the Romans, to the Vikings, to Ancient Greece; we aim to inspire children with curiosity about our past and aim to link the ‘then’ with the ‘now’.


How can you help your child at home?

Click on the image below to direct you to a range of websites and activities to support your child with history at home (EYFS, KS1 and KS2).

National Curriculum

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What have we been learning?

Click on the image below to direct you to what each year group has been doing in their history lessons. Their amazing class displays and class trips are also here too!