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St Margaret's at Troy Town

Life in all its fullness

Key Stage One (KS1)

At Key Stage 1, children will learn about specific people or events that are both within and beyond living history such as Neil Armstrong. Events such as the Great Fire of London and themes such as castles or toys lend themselves very well to learning about the past. Children will also learn about a key event in local history - The Battle of Rochester.

Year One

So far this year, Year One have learnt why Neil Armstrong is famous. They have developed their historical vocabulary by using words such as then, now, past and present as well as putting three events in chronological order. 

Year Two

So far this year, Year Two have learnt local history by looking at why Rochester has a castle. They have put key events into chronological order, learnt how the local area is different to the way it used to be a long time ago and given the opportunity to tell the difference between things that were here 100 years ago and things that were not (including buildings, tools, toys etc…). They have also learnt about The Great Fire of London. Children were given the opportunities to recount the life of someone famous from Britain who lived in the past, to use books and the internet to find out more information about the past and to understand that children’s lives today are different to those of children a long time ago.