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St Margaret's at Troy Town

Life in all its fullness

Key Stage Two (KS2)

At Key Stage 2, the curriculum is much more prescriptive. Your child will learn all about the following periods of British history over the 4 years in Key Stage 2.

  • Stone Age
  • Ancient Romans
  • Anglo Saxons and Scots
  • The Vikings
  • A local history unit
  • A period of history later than 1066 (e.g. , Victorians, Elizabethans).

Children will also be introduced to some world civilisations in history such as:

  • Ancient Greeks
  • The Mayans to contrast with British history

Year Three

So far this year, Year Three have learnt about the Stone Age. Some key skills to do this include: using vocabulary and phrases relating to the passing of time Iike: BC, AD, decade …, know how Britain changed between the beginning of the Stone Age and the Iron Age, know what is meant by ‘hunter-gatherers and know the role of archaeologists in uncovering the past. They have also learnt about Ancient Greece. Here is just some of the knowledge learnt through this era: know some of the main characteristics of the Athenians and Spartans, know about some things that the Greeks gave the world and know that the Greeks were responsible for the birth of the Olympics.

Year Five

So far this year, Year 5 have learnt about the Victorians. We were very lucky to go to Kent Life to experience a Victorian theme day where children toured round a traditional Victorian farmhouse, helped the scullery maid with the washing, experiences what it was like in the Victorian classroom and much more! In school, children learnt how Britain has had a major influence on the world, how events from the past have shaped our life today and how lives of wealthy people were different from lives of poorer people during this time.

Year Four

So far this year, Year Four have learnt about the Romans. We are very fortunate to be situated a 10 minute walk from the local Guildhall Museum where the children can look at primary and secondary sources with their own eyes. Children were able to look at Roman Armour and some were lucky enough to try it on! Children learnt how Britain changed from the Iron Age to the end of the Roman occupation, learnt at least three things that the Romans did to help advance British society, why the Romans needed to build forts in this country and about the lives of at least two famous Romans including one famous Roman emperor.

Year Six

So far this year, Year 6 have learnt what it was like to live in Elizabethan England. They got to visit Eastgate House, and local Elizabethan townhouse to learn what it was like to live during this era. At school, children learnt how to explain why this time was important in relation to British history, how Britain has had a major influence on the world and how to use a range of evidence to describe a key event in Britain’s past. They have also learnt about the Mayans. Children learnt about the impact that the Mayan civilisation had on the world and why the Mayans were considered an advanced society in relation to that period of time in Europe.