Week 2 - Music from home activities

EYFS - Listen to 'Carnival of the animals' and think about each animal as you listen to each section of the music. Can you walk on the spot or move around the room to the pulse? Mr Bailey uses that word a lot; it means the beat. The pulse will be fast for some animals and slow for others. Maybe you could move around just like the animals would? When you’ve finished, you could draw your favourite animal and write down some words (or ask your grown-up to help you) describing the music of your favourite animal. Please email your drawings to the school office so we can post them on the webpage. 

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KS1 - Here is 'Peter and the Wolf' performed by the English Ballet school. Prokofiev (the composer) uses different instruments of the orchestra to represent the animals and people in the story. 
What instruments do you recognise? 
Listen and see if you can hear when those instruments play. 

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KS2 - This is Rotterdam’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Like you, they can’t meet up to play together so they are playing in their homes and putting their instruments together using technology! Hearing them on their own gives you the opportunity to hear their individual sounds.  

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Watch this amazing clip from the show 'Stomp' and notice that the only instrument they use is their bodies. Listen to all the different rhythms they make!
Now you can learn how to do this!
When you're confident with these, feel free to have a go at the links below.
KS2 - These sessions are being added every day so you can keep practising your favourite beats and move on to the next one when you're ready.
Have fun!