It is important to keep active everyday. Below are a few links to help you keep fit at home:


Mr Thacker -

Joe Wicks -

Did you know that your brain is like a muscle? It is important that your keep using it to keep it strong.Mr Thakur has made this video for you, it will help to keep both your body and mind active.


Mr Thakur’s Challenges 


Chair cardio-

Wall  sit challenge-



It is important to be active every day, even if you are unable to go outside you can still keep your body fit and healthy. Why not set yourself a daily challenge and log your activity. How many times can you walk up and down the stairs in 2 minutes? Can you run on the spot for 5 minutes without stopping? Can you do 20 star jumps in 2 minutes? Maybe you can challenge members of your family? 

I would love to hear how you are keeping active, you can email me some of your exercise logs to

Remember to keep active and keep safe,

Mrs Harding

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