Welcome to our Sports week!

In this strange and unusual time we hope that you can enjoy our sports week at home with your family. We have planned daily activities which you can do at home without any equipment and we really would love the whole family to get involved. 



Monday- Star jump challenge! FS and KS1- How many star jumps can you complete in 30 seconds?  KS2 in 1 minute?

You can challenge your family and see who is the star jump champion. Keep challenging yourself throughout the day to see if you can improve your score.

Tuesday- Plank challenge! How long can you hold the plank position for? Again, challenge members of your family to see who is the Plank King/Queen.

Wednesday- Squat challenge! FS and KS1, how many squats can you do in 30 seconds? KS1 how many in 1 minute?  Make sure you take a photo and let us know how many you did. 

Thursday-  Clap and catch challenge! Ideally you will need a small ball for this challenge but you can be creative, Mrs Harding used a satsuma! Use a timer, how many times can you clap and catch your ball in 1 minute? FS and KS1, 30 seconds. You can then extend the time to 2 minutes or even 10.

Friday - Burpee Challenge! These are a lot harder that you may think. How many can you do in 1 minute? Remember you are confident with this challenge you can extend the time to make the challenge harder. 


Weekend challenge- Go on a family walk

Please share photos of you completing the events. You can add them directly onto the Sports Week Padlet or you can email them to your class teachers. There will be certificates for all of you that participate. We can't wait to see how you get on with the activities. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your home sports week.

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Here are some extra fun challenges that you can complete at home.

  • How many items of washing can you peg on the line in 2 minutes?
  • How many t-shirts can you put on in 2 minutes?
  • Can you run 1 mile? What was your time? Can you beat it?
  • Can you bunny hop around your lounge or garden?
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