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Sports Funding

Sports Premium 2018-2019

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St Margaret’s at Troy Town has greatly benefited from the new primary school sports funding. The impact of provision can be seen from the positive response from the children, staff and parents, as well as awards received.



Here are some of the children’s comments:


I loved the athletics competition because my adrenalin was pumping and it was very exciting! I was very proud we came second and it was fun competing against other schools.


I enjoyed dance. I have learnt different things and I am a better dancer. I loved the music, too.
I loved hockey club so much that I decided to join Gillingham Anchorians Hockey Club. I wanted to keep learning and keep having fun!


St Margaret’s at Troy Town School –Sports Premium

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (P.E.) and sport. The funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.

School use of the available funding

At St Margaret’s at Troy Town School we value the impact high quality P.E. provision can have on the children in our care. We have always tried to encourage participation in sport by providing after school and lunch time clubs, as well as a broad and engaging P.E curriculum.


This year we have brought into the Greenacre Sports Partnership. This will help us to deliver high quality PE and School Sport, through a variety of programmes that enrich staff knowledge and provide new experiences for all pupils. We will work together to provide appropriate opportunities for further development and participation in PE and School Sport.





Platinum GSP Membership


Staff training in Gymnastics

- Event Calendar and access to all the competitions

-Equipment Loan – including rowing machines or xbikes.

- Sports Coordinator Support.

Access to ALL GSP CPD opportunities

GSP EYFS Activity Cards.



Sports crew: Term 2 Yr 6


The Sports Crew programme has been designed for pupils in years 5 &/or 6 to develop their leadership skills to coordinate playground activities for their peers. GSP staff will work alongside lunchtime supervisors so they can enhance their practice during lunchtimes and understand what to expect from the Sports Crew.



Sports crew: Term 6 Yr 5


As above


Competition Package

This year we have entered: Badminton, swimming, sports hall athletics, tag rugby, netball, kwik cricket, football, Tri gold and Athletics


Weekly 1 hour sessions aimed at developing PE skills and training children for competitions.

Transport to and from competitions and a member of staff to accompany children.


Sports journals


30 journeys and 30 pedometers to encourage children to be more active. This is to track all activity pupils participate in, to help bridge the gap between school sport and community activity.

We have initially purchased them for to trial in 1 one year group.





To enhance the delivery of P.E. sessions across KS1.


2 days of Dance workshops

2 x £350

High quality dance being taught across the school to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Greenacre day of sport


High quality P.E being taught across the school to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Maintenance of the Astro turf pitch


To enhance the delivery of P.E. sessions across the school


New kit for sports team


To increase image and prestine of sports team