New Starters - Induction to Reception


We warmly welcome all of our new starter children and their families to the St Margaret't at Troy Town CofE Primary School community.

We are doing our absolute best to support your child to feel happy and safe when they begin their school journey.

We aim to keep this page updated with information that we feel will be useful for you and your child.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us through the office email address: or our class email address 

Kindest regards

Miss Bev Howland

Rainbows Class Teacher

FS Leader.


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How can I get my child ready for school?

Here is the big news: when your child starts primary school, we do not expect them to be able to read and write!

Every child comes to school with different experiences and skills. It is our job to ensure that all children have equal opportunity to develop the necessary skills and knowledge throughout their time with us. 

There are many things that you can do with your child that make the transition into school easier for everyone. Some of these things are discussed in the BBC Starting School Programme (detailed below). Below is a list of things that we would love your child to be able to do or to have practised when they come into school:

  • Dress themselves: girls should have a go at putting on and taking off tights if they are going to wear these to school.  Some parents choose to send their girls into school wearing socks on PE days.  Boys, have a go at using the zips on trousers!
  • Put on and take off their own shoes: this may mean that they need shoes with velcro and not laces or buckles.
  • Go to the toilet independently: including wiping themselves and washing their hands, every year we will have one child who happily sits on the toilet shouting for someone to come and help!
  • Earrings: if your child wears earrings, these have to be removed for PE lessons.  Your child must be able to remove their own earrings for PE but if they can't, this must be done by parents before school

We will of course never leave a child to do something themselves if they can't and there will be children who have very specific needs. We will always encourage a child to have a go if we think it is appropriate and then support them in being successful.

In the first few weeks we will sit down to talk to you, hopefully answer some of your questions and find out if your child has any specific needs that we can help with.

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Please download this presentation to hear and see Miss Howland talk about the rationale and ethos of our EarlyYears Foundation Stage that we are extremely proud of!

What do you need to know?

We are here to help!

Lots of children can become upset when parents leave them on those first important school days.

Children are all different, some will run in without a backward glance (this does not mean that they will not miss you!)
Some will have a few tears and some may become very distressed.It is a new experience for them and for you and we understand this!

We are working with children because we care about them.  If your child is distressed we will not leave them crying, we will comfort them and we will keep in contact with you.


Keep us informed!

If something has happened that day, Granny has gone home after a visit, a parent has gone away to work, you didn't have the best start to the day . .  let us know, we can support your child when we know that they need that little bit of extra help.

Keep in touch!

We have lots of ways that you can stay in contact with us.

Email us: 

Telephone us: 01634 843843


Join our parent app:  


Useful documents:

You can find other policies and information under the 'Learning' tab and click on 'Rainbows" 

If you go to this website, you will find a list of storybooks all about starting school. These might be a nice way to start talking to your child about this huge step in their life and alleviate any worries that they might have:


Useful links:

Starting School Campaign (BBC)

Starting school is a huge milestone in both you and your child's life.  Whilst it is very exciting, we also understand that you may have questions and worries.  Learning to hand over your child to another persons care can be a worrying time.  

What will primary school life be like?

What can you do to prepare yourself and your child for the very best start?

The Starting Primary School campaign offers a toolkit of practical advice, support and resources for parents, guardians and children across a wide range of areas including school life, daily routine, sleep and how to support children practically and emotionally.

Starting Primary School also provides videos and articles for parents featuring information from experts and been-there-done-that tips from other parents. Your children can also explore their questions about school by playing a fun interactive game.