Welcome to Nursery: Sunbeams Class 2021

As a Nursery Class we offer the children the best possible start through a stimulating, practical and exciting curriculum, rooted in excellent early years practice. We believe that children learn best when they are motivated through a wide range of challenging and enjoyable activities. We carefully build on what they know and can do, then help them to achieve their next steps of learning.

We believe children’s individual well-being is paramount and we ensure that children feel safe, secure and happy so that they can reach their full learning potential. We recognise that all children are different and learn in different ways with different interests.

At our Nursery, we offer 15 funded hours to 3 and 4 year olds, over five morning sessions.

There is no such thing as a typical day in Nursery. We respond to the children’s needs and interests so that every day looks different. We try and keep a rhythm to the day so that children have a mixture of whole class, small group and independent learning times.

Learning takes place both inside and outside every day, so it is important that children wear suitable outdoor clothing, depending on the weather.

The format and structure of the day also changes over the course of the school year because what is appropriate for three year olds in their first term at Nursery is very different to the needs of a four year old we are helping to get ready for their next adventure into full time education.

Our morning session is: 8.30am to 11.30am

A Typical Daily Routine

8.30am - When the children arrive they enter into a free flow learning  environment, they are able to explore the activities on offer and are immediately able to start their learning day.

9.00am - The children gather together for a short morning adult input. We sing our welcome song and talk about the weather, practice our counting skills and share any exciting news with each other.

9.20am- Free flow – Indoor and outdoor learning time. Adult focussed and  child choice activities take place during this time. These activities focus on all areas of the EYFS Curriculum.

10.15 am Snack time

10.30am Daily phonics session
10:45am Learning time – indoor/outdoor play
11.00am Tidy up time
11.15am Story time / music time / circle time / reflection on our day

11.30am Home time

Snack Time

Children will need to bring a water bottle into Nursery every day. During snack time they will be provided with a piece of fruit and offered a drink of milk. Our snack time is a social time for us where we teach children good manners and talk about healthy food and lifestyles as well as current topics of interest amongst our children.

Reading Books

To encourage a love of books and reading, children change their reading books once a week in our class library. Children will therefore need to bring their book bag, containing their reading book and reading diary to Nursery every day.